Forget Mubarak, Dan Snyder Must GO: Free the Redskins

As a Redskins fan, I’m a little bit awed by the Egyptians commitment to staying in Tahrir Square and attempting to bring down an ossified and ineffectual dictator with sheer numbers and force of will.   It certainly puts the crowd at Fed Ex Field to shame.  Here’s a quick comparison of Hosni Mubarak vs. Redskins owner Dan Snyder:

Life Accomplishments:

Mubarak is an actual war hero who took over the Egyptian Air Force after it was comprehensively defeated by Israel in the Six Day War, turning it into a credible fighting force.  You can make a case that this effort provided Sadat the standing to make peace with Israel (which Mubarak has continued).

Snyder is a profiteer who made his money sucking up to Mort Zuckerman and selling companies to foreign investors (evidently not terribly clever ones), he did manage to destroy Six Flags more completely than he’s destroyed the Redskins.

Advantage Mubarak

Leading Teams to Victory:

Mubarak didn’t lead the Egyptians to victory in the Yom Kippur War, but they put up a good fight and built a stable peace in it’s aftermath.  Egypt is certainly better off today than it was in 1973.

Snyder took over a perennial contender and turned it into one of the NFL’s worst franchises.

Advantage:  Mubarak


Mubarak’s Egypt has certainly not embraced Israel, but Jews can visit Egypt and Egyptian resorts actively court Jewish tourists.  Under Mubarak, groups that traffic in anti-semitic propaganda have been repressed.

Dan Snyder compared being made fun of in the City Paper with Nazi actions during the holocaust, trivializing the attempted genocide of the Jewish people.

Advantage:  Mubarak

So:  Dan Snyder:  RESIGN NOW!!  No more buying Redskins tickets and memorabilia until another ineffectual dictator goes into the long, dark night.

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